Nearly 100 Years Ago Bandits attempted to rob the First State Bank in Arlington


Editor’s Note; It’s been nearly 100 years since a group of bandits attempted to rob the First State Bank in Arlington. The following article, reprinted from a 1924 edition of the Arlington Enterprise, recaptures that moment.

Arlington had its first experience with bank robbers Thursday morning, when a band of yeggs, estimated at from a dozen to twenty, entered our little city at two o’clock, got the drop on Marshal McGovern, and then leisurely blasted their way into the First National Bank’s vault. They worked away practically unmolested for an hour and a quarter, finally departing without having gained access to the safe in which cash and currency to the amount of $15,000 was stored. Their loot consisted of $213, according to a check made by the bankers the following day, $78 of which was in liberty loan coupons and the remainder in cash which was left on the change tray.

Find the complete story in the September 5, 2019 edition of the Arlington Enterprise,

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