Refugee resettlement issue is removed from county agenda


By Kurt Menk

Much information regarding Executive Order 13888 regarding the resettlement of refugees within the United States has made it to the pages of the news in articles and editorials, according to Sibley County Administrator John Glisczinski.  

In a news release, Glisczinski updated the local media on an action taken in U.S. District Court in Maryland that is and will affect future action taken by local governments such as Sibley County.  

“An opinion has been issued in the Maryland District Court issuing a preliminary injunction on Executive Order 13888 pending further hearings,” said Glisczinski.  “The injunction effectively stops local governments from exercising veto powers over refugee resettlement within their jurisdictions.”

Find the complete story in the January 23, 2020 edition of the Arlington Enterprise.

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